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  1. Detlef

    My name is Detlef and live in Spain. I’m looking for 4 or 5 Sexy black ladies who are willing to visit me in my big house in Marbella for 3 months or more if you like.

    I am 44 years old, single and has no children, but very sex Hungry on Sexy Black Ladys.

    I am very rich, and therefore on the search for beautiful women who are willing to spend with me together good times.

    Seeking no relationship, but only on pure sex Bassi’s because I’m very sex hungry and very much want to drive it with several women at the same time.

    Therefore, women should have no reservations about him as well a lesbian sex orgy to show.

    Also what the anal sex is concerned, they should not be averse to the one I love anal play. Just like the golden shower should not be neglected.

    So what I’m looking for nice ladies.
    You should be between 20 and 30 years. they should have a dream figure possess the model figure 90-60 – 90th

    You should look very pretty, and its very clean.
    The character is not as important as it can also be something naughty.

    You should be very good sense of humor I have as well a lot of laughter.

    We come to the financial part.
    I am very generous to each girl can be found by me money every month, which they can rafters, can get their family, or to spend it yourself.
    I pay everything relates staying with me.
    You can eat as much as they want, even drink what your heart desires.

    I always go with the ladies pint or whatever what you want to make, will be paid by me.
    You do not need me at work, or cooking, or clean, but I have my staff are also taking care of the ladies.

    I will assume all costs in your country, such as the Visa, or other papers, as well as a passport if the ladies do not own.

    For your efforts, I shall arise, of course,
    So if you 4 or 5 Sexy Women Get to me I would be much obliged.

    So they should for 4 or 5 ladies can inspire you to visit me in Spain I would be very connected.
    You should then, as very meaningful photos to my email address to send all data to the ladies, and I will as soon as possible all lead into the way these ladies to invite.
    I remain and therefore wish every success Detlef from Spain


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